Hand of God hearing

The Hand of God is the Official Inquisition that operates under the Grand Magnus, in the Cognitarian churches.

The Hand operates independently from secular authorities and has absolute authority on matter concerning the faith.

The responsibilities of the Hand are the judgement and punishment of heretics and witches. The uncovering of plots against the Cognitarian church. Despite those duties, there is proof that the Hand performs spying operations, and even assassinations, in countries beyond the realms of the Magnus.

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Symbol of the Hand of God

The absolute commander of the Hand of God is the Council of the Cardinals, a council of 20 church officials that act directly under the Magnus.

The members of the Hand of God operate under the rule of Remissae A Priori (Forgiven in Advance), which means that they cannot sin, as long as they remain members of the organisation. They are thus allowed to use every means when attempting to receive information.

The Hand of God employs several Devas.

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