Furcas from the Dictionnaire Infernal by Colin De Plancy

The Corrupted Spirits are Divites who have denied the Celestial Kingdom and have detatched themselves from the God of Thelema , trying to become Kings of their own realms.


According to the theological doctrines, certain angelic being that have attained great power in the Celestial Kingdom of Thelema , deny the authority of God and the structure of the Kingdom and break away, usually attempting to elevate themselves to the status of independent deities.

Such beings plague the world always trying to tempt mortal into following them and worshipping them in return for material gain or knowledge. They form their own False Kingdoms, where they collect the soul of those they corrupt in their servitude.

Corrupted Spirits retain much of their power even after their detatchment from the Celestial Kingdom and are considered indestructible and eternal.

Witchcraft - Created DemonsEdit

Corrupted Spirits are the true instigators of Witchcraft. At the moment a human being accepts the help of such a spirit in any way, he has denied Thelema and has forever bound himself to the service of the Demon. Such people are considered Witches by the Church.

At the final stage the witch will have to totally pledge his or herself to the authority of the Demon, usually through a pact that is sealed by the victims own flesh or blood. The Demon's Mark (or Witch's tit), a numb and dead patch of flesh on the witch's body, where the demon will come and suckle her blood, as a mark of the pact, is usually discovered.

All church authorities agree that wicthes are beyond forgiveness and, especially after succumbing to the pact, have no choise but to serve their corrupting Demon. Their execution though is usually not enough to ensure their neutralisation. After death the witch's Soul will not enter the Celestial Kingdom, but the Demon's own False Kingdom. There she will be turned into a Created Demon, a being of evil and great power, yet one that can be excorsised or destroyed by pious hunters. Since the spirit of the witch will not enter the Celestial Realm, her body will not dissolve and will remain an anchor for the Created Demon in the world. For this reason the dead bodies of executed witches are destroyed, usually through fire.

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